By popular request may I present: My bookshelves! (Well, the 2 main ones anyway). This video covers:
– My organisation system
– Top 5 bookshelf styling tips

Close-up photos of the shelves so you can read the book titles and authors can be found below.


Left-side bookshelf close-ups:

Penguin Little Black Classics


Penguin Classics





Harry Potter Shelf




Left-side bookshelf close-ups:

Vintage Penguin Classics

Rainbow shelf and Japanese fiction


Japanese fiction

Tamsien - Babbling Books
Photographer, stylist, blogger, and digital influencer from Melbourne Australia. Avid reader and lover of creative journaling.


    1. That’s so exciting to hear! If you post a photo on social media or write a blog about it please send me a link or tag me. I would LOVE to see your shelves. Stalking other people’s bookshelves is one of life’s great pleasures. xx

  1. Hello,
    We recently became friends on Goodreads and I was just wondering what each book title was in the third image on the lower left shelf? I love your videos and this would really help me as I am beginning to build my own classics collection!

    1. Hi there, the books are a bit easier to see in the video. The ones on the far left in that photo you mentioned are Clockwork Orange, Catcher in the Rye, Night Walks, a couple of copies of 1984 and Animal Farm, and The Rights of Man. Hope that helps.
      Cheers, Tamsien

      1. That really does help me, thank you and I love watching your videos and following what you read!
        With sincerest thanks, Abby

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