Below is a list of the books for the Babbling Book Club from August 2016 until January 2017, to help plan our reading for the next 6 months.







Title: 1Q84 (All 3 parts of the trilogy)
Author: Haruki Murakami
Genre: Adult, Sci-fi
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the girl at midnight






Title: The Girl at Midnight
Author: Melissa Grey
Genre: YA, Urban fantasy
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oliver twist






Title: Oliver Twist
Author: Charles Dickens
Genre: Adult, Classic
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dark places






Title: Dark Places
Author: Gillian Flynn
Genre: Adult, Thriller
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everything is illuminated






Title: Everything is Illuminated
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Genre: Contemporary/Historical
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the knife of never letting go






Title: The Knife of Never Letting Go
Author: Patrick Ness
Genre: Ya, Sci-fi
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